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How often should dogs pee

April 19, 2020


If you’re talking about a puppy then the answer is often! You can only expect a puppy to hold it for an hour for every month of age. So a 2-month-old puppy would need to be allowed to go every 2 hours. Then at around 6-8 months, they should have the same schedule as an adult dog - That is they can hold it for up to 6 to 8 hours. You’ll want to let them out more regularly during the day than that, though.

As your dog gets elderly their toilet routine may begin to shorten so they’ll need to be let out more often than when they were an adult.

Why is my dog not peeing?

Many things can affect the rate at which your dog needs to urinate. Here are a few:

  • The medication they are taking
  • The temperature
  • How much fluids they are consuming
  • How much exercise they’re getting
  • Their age
  • Their breed
  • Their size and weight
  • Their health

When we had Betty spayed she didn’t urinate for almost 2 days. We knew this is a common side effect of surgery but we were still worried enough to contact the vet for advice. Eventually, she opened the flood gates and it was relief all around!

Why is my dog peeing all the time?

Assuming you’re not talking about when you’re out on a walk. That type of frequent toilet stop is all about marking places with their scent. If your bitch is in season that could be every few steps! Betty still frequently marks her scent on walks even after being spayed. If your dog is needing to urinate more frequently than usual you’d be best contacting your vet for advice. Keep an eye on the colour of their urine. If it is dark or has any signs of blood you should inform your vet of these changes.