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Ultimate guide to owning a Staffy

February 04, 2020


How big will a Staffordshire Bull Terrier grow?

There is a wide variation in stature for Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The definition of the breed is a weight of 11 - 17 kg (24 lb - 37 lb) and a height of between 36 cm to 41 cm (14” - 16”). Many Staffies will fall outside of this definition, though. Our Staffy is bigger than most at 19 kg (almost 3 stone) and her legs are longer than the breed should ideally be. As you can see below, she is stretching those long legs out in the usual staffy frog pose! Betty is still a pedigree with all her paperwork and family tree, I just wouldn’t expect her (or her mother who also has long legs) to win any dog shows!

Staffy frog legs stretched out

Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers aggressive?

As with all dog breeds, it depends on their upbringing. Staffies are generally considered good loyal family dogs and good with children - hence the nickname “Nanny Dogs”.