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Checklist for collecting your puppy

January 22, 2020

Preparation guide - Part 6Comments


This is part 6 in our puppy preparation guide. The day is almost upon you. You can finally pick your new family member up and take them back to their forever home.

Before you arrive at the breeder and get all wrapped up in how cute your puppy is, you should plan what you need to collect, do and ask your breeder. Here’s a helpful reminder list.


  1. Collect any Kennel Club registration papers if your puppy is a pedigree.
  2. Your puppy should already have their microchip, so make sure you get the paperwork for that.
  3. You’ll want a contract or receipt for any money that exchanges hands. You should do this when paying for any deposit as well.
  4. Your puppy should have had their first round of vaccinations. You should get the paperwork for that. You’ll also want to know what vet they used, the exact date of the vaccinations and when the next lot are scheduled in for. In a lot of cases, the breeder will have paid in advance for this.
  5. Your puppy will have already been checked by a vet, so you want details of that visit - Especially tests performed for breed-specific issues.
  6. Ask the breeder what food schedule your puppy is on right now. So how often per day and what times they are usually fed. You can then very slowly adjust this routine if you need to. Don’t change it too quickly or you’ll upset their stomach and quickly have a lot of mess on your hands!
  7. Ask what food the breeder has been feeding your puppy. The breeder should give you some of their food to take home with you to get started. Either way, you need to slowly introduce whatever food you decide is best and then wean them off their old food. Again, this should be done very slowly to avoid tummy upset and the resulting mess!
  8. You should ask to take a blanket home that has the scent of their mother and litter-mates on. This will make the journey home more comfortable and help them feel more at home. You can then put the blanket into their crate to help them sleep at night.
  9. Check when they were last wormed so you know what schedule you’re on.
  10. Finally, ask what time she was last fed today. You want to keep their routine as normal as possible.

Oh, and don’t forget your puppy. That should’ve been number 1!

Betty the puppy on the grass in her harness

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