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Puppy shopping list

January 09, 2020

Preparation guide - Part 4Comments


Welcome to part 4 of our puppy preparation guide.

This is an extensive shopping list of all the things you might need before your puppy arrives.

Shopping LIst

  • Vetbad - This was to make her comfortable in her crate. It’s good because you can cut it to various sizes and machine wash it - very handy!
  • Enzyme based cleaner - A must to clean up those little accidents! Any other cleaning product won’t do. It has to be Enzyme-based otherwise you’ll find your puppy forming bad habits in specific locations. This cleaner will break up those chemicals that a puppy can sense. This is a must for toilet training.
  • Slip lead - Used to quickly put on for toilet sessions. Just slip over the head no need to get the full harness on when she’s just going outside for a wee.
  • Harness and lead - For proper walks and training.
  • Puppy pads - For -well you know what for- We’ll dive deeper into toilet training/housebreaking later.
  • Baby gates - To secure your puppy in rooms that have been puppy-proofed and stop them getting up to mischief!
  • Pen for inside and outside - To create a safe space indoors while you’re indisposed and a safe small space outside for going the toilet.
  • Wood to secure areas around the house - Prevent them from exploring behind cupboards and falling through dangerous gaps around the house.
  • Bowls -For food and water.
  • Toys - You can never have enough.
  • Blanket - Something to snuggle into and you can pick her up in. If your breeder doesn’t supply you with a blanket, ask if you can drop this off a few days before you collect your puppy. That way it’ll be full of the scents they are familiar with when you bring her home.
  • Insurance - Make sure their pet insurance is valid for the day she comes home with you
  • Treats - Needed for training as rewards
  • Food - Puppy food to move her on to. We’ll look at what food to choose in another post.
  • Unscented Baby wipes - Quickly clean them up.
  • Poop scoop and brush - You do know what you’ve let yourself in for, right?
  • Poo bags - Get some nice scented biodegradable poo bags
  • Worming tablets - Prevent those nasty worms.
  • Flea treatment - Prevent nasty fleas. This isn’t needed straight away, but once you’re ready for walks and interacting with other dogs you’ll need them. The best thing to do is talk to your vet and have them recommend flea and work treatment for you.
  • Puppy Kongs - Great to keep them distracted. You can stuff them and they’ll be entertained for ages.
  • Torch - Essential for nighttime toilet sessions
  • Sturdy knotted rope - Great for tug games and training to let things go. We’ll cover this later on.
  • Balls - To play fetch and use in training.
  • Cupboard safety clasps - To stop them getting into cupboards with bleach or other dangerous things in.
  • Grooming mit/brush - To keep them well-groomed
  • Puppy Shampoo - To keep their coat nice and clean


They cost a lot, but they’re worth it!

On with the guide…

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