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Puppy shopping list

January 09, 2020


This is an extensive shopping list of all the things you might need before your puppy arrives. This was taken from my notes before we picked Betty up.

  • Vetbad - This was to make her comfortable in her crate. It’s good because you can cut it to various sizes
  • Enzyme based cleaner - A must to clean up those little accidents! Any other cleaning product won’t do, it has to be Enzyme based otherwise you’ll find your puppy forming bad habits in specific locations.
  • Slip lead - Used to quickly put on for toilet sessions. Just slip over the head no need to get the full harness on when she’s just going outside for a wee. We had a small fenced off area outside the door setup so we didn’t end up using this.
  • Harness and lead - For proper walks and training.
  • Puppy pads - For -well you know what for-
  • Baby gates - To secure her in rooms that have been puppy proofed and stop her getting up to mischief!
  • Pen for Kitchen and Garden - To create a safe space in the kitchen while cooking and a safe small space in the garden for toilet sessions.
  • Wood to secure areas in the kitchen and landing - Prevent her exploring behind cupboards and falling through the rails on the landing.
  • Bowls - for food and water
  • Toys - Tough ones!
  • Blanket - Something to snuggle into and you can pick her up in
  • Insurance - Make sure her pet insurance is valid for the day she comes home
  • Treats - Needed for training as rewards
  • Food - Puppy food to move her on to
  • Baby wipes - Quickly clean her
  • Poop scoop and brush - Cleaning up the mess
  • Poo bags - picking up her poo of course
  • Worming tablets - Prevent nasty worms
  • Flea treatment - Prevent nasty fleas
  • Puppy Kongs - Great to keep them distracted
  • Torch - essential for night time toilet sessions
  • Sturdy knotted rope - Great for tug games and training to let things go
  • Balls - to play fetch and use in training
  • Cupboard safety clasps - Stop her getting into cupboards with bleach etc
  • Grooming mit / brush - keep her well groomed
  • Shampoo - keep her coat clean