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Puppy survival guide

January 30, 2020

Survival guide - Part 1Comments


So you’ve read through all of the things you should do before your puppy arrives in our puppy preparation guide, next we move onto what you’ll need to do in the first month together.

Betty puppy with ball

I’ll break this down further, but here is an overview of the first 3 weeks. The main objectives for the first 3 weeks with your new puppy should be…

  • Get your puppy settled into a routine and sleeping at night (excluding toilet trips, of course)
  • House training should be well underway - more on this later!
  • Start some basic obedience training - again, more on this to follow
  • Learn some games - fetch, tug etc. This will help in bonding and obedience training later
  • The all-important socialisation should be well underway. We’ve already discussed this and you should already have a plan in place. Revisit puppy socialisation
  • Learn to moderate biting with those needle teeth and shark mouth!

Nighttime sleeping arrangements

You need to plan your sleeping arrangements and keep a good routine to help your puppy settle in.

We decided on the following arrangements…

  • Move her crate upstairs into the bedroom at night for her to sleep in
  • Set an alarm throughout the night to take her to the toilet area. At 2 months of age you’re going to have to take her out every 2-3 hours - so be prepared!
  • Don’t make a fuss when you take her for a wee at night. Don’t get her in any way excited! You want to take her down, do her business and get straight back to bed.
  • Before bedtime make sure she has at least a wee. This means you can set your alarm for 2 hours time from that moment.
  • Don’t feed her 3 - 4 hours before bedtime - for obvious reasons!
  • Take water away an hour before bedtime - also for obvious reasons.

Day time arrangements

Day time is when the training disguised as fun can begin. Now it’s probably too early for walks, but you still need to get that energy out of them before bedtime! This is where learning games and basic obedience training will help. Also, you’ll need to make arrangements for a puppy sitter if you’re working or not around. At this early age they need almost constant supervision! When we got Betty we took some leave from work and staggered it so one of us was at home with her for the first couple of weeks. We then had my parents puppy sit for us while we was at work. This is something you need to plan for before your new puppy arrives. We’ve already gone through the puppy proofing of the house. Your puppy should have a safe area she can call home during the day time.


I’m mentioning this now because this was something that we found particularly difficult with Betty. We expected mouthing, all puppies do it. Betty was a very mouthy puppy, though! This sometimes occurs when you get your puppy too early before she’s been taught how hard she’s allowed to bite before mummy gives you a kick or your brother squeals and bites back. I’ll get into this later, for now just know it is something you need to expect and start correcting in these first few weeks together.

Now that’s the overview I’ll break the first 3 weeks down in the following posts.